Studio updates.


It was a year ago that I first had the idea for Swift. Entrepreneurship is a tricky business and it certainly doesn't bring you success overnight, unless you're already loaded. Coming from fast paced work environments in more subordinate roles, I was used to my work structure being laid out in front of me. Even working in sales, where I had to build a rapport with both new and existing clients, I was still working within an infrastructure that was tried and tested. The company was established, their marketing team was super efficient and my role was focused on one specific area. This means business is rapid.

Swift is different. I do everything behind the scenes. I am marketing. I am sales. I am the director. Our roster of cinematographers is more impressive than ever and the more well known we become, the more contracts we can win. These contracts benefit not only the talented freelancers we work with, but the musicians who might be restricted on time and budget, and who want to make an interesting video that meets industry standards. 

Time will tell. I'm pleased to announce that our first Melbourne-based music video is with a client who is represented by a major label, and will be out mid to late April. So please, follow us on social media, share our story and watch this space. 

Craig Lee