Studio updates.


It has been a tough road indeed, and starting a company is no easy decision. If you know me, or have read my company bio, you'll be aware that I am extremely creative and trained in film & theatre production. Unfortunately for a couple of years I was forced into doing jobs that I had no talent or passion for. "Let me put it this way: I have an extensive collection of name-tags and hairnets."

I realised that there are so many unsigned musicians and singers who have their own studio recorded tracks, but no music videos. Why? Because they're expensive and take a lot of organisation. At Swift, we strip away superfluous expenses. By innovative storyboarding, working with talented cinematographers and careful planning, we can help you put the visuals to the song and bring the vision to life. You're directed, to bring the most out of your performance - this really makes a difference when promoting yourself to major record labels, local venues or management. It shows that you have star quality. 

The philosophy behind the company is that undiscovered talent deserves a platform. I know a lot of amazing people who are consumed by their creativity. Just read the interviews on this website and see for yourself. 

I hope you enjoy what I've put together here and please help me to share this with as many people as possible. 


Craig Lee