About Swift

We provide a visual platform for emerging artists to promote their music, through music videos, publicity stills and interview features. Through innovative thinking and planning, we can help bring the vision to life. Each shoot is bespoke to the artist and they can have as much input in the creative process as they want. The appeal? We're making music videos more accessible for amazing artists who have studio recorded tracks and need great visuals to take it to the next level. The value comes from the following: 

Creative direction and innovative storyboarding 

The videos are shot on a camera of the highest standard and the company director is there to direct the performance of the artist and the cinematography. 

Swift turn-around 

Perhaps the main selling point of the package, and the inspiration behind the name, is the quick turn-around. Filming will never take more than two days and the final edit will be sent to the artist in less than 2 weeks after filming commences.  

What sets us apart?  

Sure, you could get a friend to film a video on their phone and upload to YouTube straight away, but so can everybody else.  Okay, so you might have access to a great camera, but we'll be there to guide you on cinematography, location and how to get the most out of your performance on screen. 

Swift provides the artist with a polished and professional video, to help promote their star quality. Whether that be to a major record label, local venues or managers... Swift brings the vision to life.  



Craig Lee - Director

Craig started his professional career in theatre at Battersea Arts Centre in London. Having taken part in their "Young People's Theatre" programme, he later took on an apprenticeship which involved Production, Marketing, Duty Managing, Bar Supervision and Box Office work.

He then moved to Brighton to study Performance and Visual Art (Theatre) at The University of Brighton, which was a cross disciplinary course where he made films and put on theatrical performances.

His education also includes a HNC in Media, where he shot on both digital and 16mm film, and learned how to edit on Final Cut Pro and an old Steinbeck. 

Craig has had articles published and worked briefly as an editorial assistant for Attitude Magazine.